Benchmark Certification 101

Benchmark Certification Australia is a family business, established in 1993 and headquartered in Sydney, Benchmark Certification is the second largest certification company in Australia, with operations in Australia and serving 12 other countries, including China, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand , Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey and Iran.

Benchmark certification is a certification company recognized by JAS-ANZ (Joint Certification System of Australia and New Zealand). Australia's JAS-ANZ is an organization equivalent to China's CNCA, which manages certification laboratories and certification agencies throughout Australia.

Benefits of Applying for Benchmark Certification

1. Enter the market
If your products want to enter the Australian market, applying for Benchmark certification can help you quickly develop into Australia, not only can you successfully pass the Australian customs inspection, but also be recognized by Australian distributors.

2. In line with Australian standards
Obtaining Australian Benchmark certified products means that the quality of your products meets the requirements of Australian standards, and the company's production management process also meets the specifications. Generally speaking, there will be some differences between Australian standards and Chinese standards. If you rashly sell products to Australia, you may be returned because the quality of the products does not meet the requirements. In 2014, the editor encountered a company that exported small household appliances to Australia, but reversed the shape of the plug in Australia, resulting in all products being returned, and the company suffered heavy losses.

3. Favored by consumers
The products that have obtained the Benchmark will be printed with the Benchmark label, and the products with the Benchmark are more easily accepted by consumers in the market, and Australian consumers consider it a safe and reliable certification mark. At the same time, the product also needs to be affixed with the JAS-ANZ certification mark. The certification mark is as follows:

Which fields of products can apply for Benchmark certification?

Formply: AS 6669:2007 - Plywood Formwork

Structural plywood: AS/NZS 2269:2012 - Plywood Structural

Australian anti-particulate masks: AS/NZS 1716:2003 Respiratory
protective devices

Safety shoes: AS/NZS 2210.3 Occupational protective
footwear. Safety footwear

AS/NZS 2210.4 Occupational protective footwear -
Specification for protective footwear (ISO 20346:2004, MOD)

Australian bicycle helmet AS/NZS 2063 Bicycle helmets

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