China's 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up (1978-2018)

2018 is a special year!

It is the fortieth anniversary of China's reform and opening up. It is in the development phase of China's pursuit of quantity to quality. It is in the rising period of the transformation and upgrading of national consumption.

Then, in an era in which many industries are in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, what should ACEALL WOOD do? What should we pay attention to?

Under the series of policies supported by the government, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the Green Economy, and the battle for Environmental Protection and Upgrading, we still have a lot of room for improvement in the future.

In the fortieth year of reform and opening up, we will continue to promote the reform of product structure based on the plywood industry. Under the premise of continuously reducing customer procurement costs, we ACEALL WOOD will accelerate our development. Hope that our plywood products will be favored by more customers in more countries around the world in the coming days!

- Film Faced Plywood
- Plastic Green Film Faced Plywood
- Marine Plywood
- Commercial Plywood
- Container Floor Plywood
- Melamine Plywood
- HPL Plywood
- Door Skin PlywoodFlexible Plywood
- Grooved Plywood
- Hardboard
- Door Skin Molded HDF
- Chipboard
- Tubular Chipboard
- Veneer
- Blockboard
- Related Wood-based Panels Products

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