Why ACEALL Plywood?

Strong Glue Bonding & Compact Core Structure

Our plenty of glue and pressure bring strong glue bonding & compact core structure which make our plywood products more conducive to your quality sales and their perfect usage performance.

Short Lead Time

Our high daily output and full control over the production process allow us to fulfill your bulk order within a shorter lead time.

Flexible Customization

Except for the standard shapes & sizes, we also provide a OEM service(special sizes, custom logos, special packaging, and more) for the production of your custom plywood.

[80-100 Turnover Times] Hollow Plastic Formwork for Concrete


ACE-PLUS® Hollow PP Formwork uses imported polypropylene resin as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistent, weather resistent and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization.


Formwork for concrete, construction shuttering support


1. Product Name Reusable Hollow Plastic Formwork for Concrete
2. Brand ACEALL®
3. Size 1220x2440mm, 915x1830mm, or customized
4. Thickness 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, or customized
5. Raw Material Imported polypropylene resin
6. Color White, light grey
7. Advantage No need releasing agent
8. Features Waterproof, light weight, strong toughness, flame resistent, weather resistent and anti-aging
9. Re-use Times More than 60 times
10. Supply Ability 6000 Pcs/Day
11. Standard Packing
Outer Packing-pallets are covered with plywood or carton boxes and strong steel belts
12. MOQ(Minimum of Quantity) 1x20GP container or 70 CBM by bulk vessel
13. Loading Quantity 20GP - 8 Bundles & 30 CBM; 40HQ - 18 Bundles & 60 CBM; or upon request
14. Payment Term T/T or L/C
15. Delivery Time Within 2-3 weeks upon down payment or the received original L/C
16. Certificate CE, CARB, ISO


1. Flat and smooth The splicing of HOLLOW PLASTIC BUILDING FORMWORK is tight and smooth, and the surface degree and finish of the concrete structure after demoulding exceed the technical requirements of the existing Film Faced Plywood formwork, and there is no need for secondary plastering, saving labor and materials.
2. Light and easy to install It is light in weight and has strong process adaptability. It can be sawed, planed, drilled and nailed, and can be formed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of building formwork of various shapes.
3. Easy to demould The concrete does not stick to HOLLOW PLASTIC BUILDING FORMWORK surface. No release agent is required, and it is easy to demould and clean the dust.
4. Stable and resistant in different climate environment High mechanical strength. No shrinkage, no swelling, no cracking, no deformation, stable size, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and waterproof, rodent and insect repellent under the temperature conditions of -20℃ to +60℃.
5. Easy to maintain The HOLLOW PLASTIC BUILDING FORMWORK does not absorb water and requires no special care or storage.
6. Strong variability The types, shapes and specifications can be customized according to the requirements of construction projects.
7. Much more turnover times With a minimum turnover of more than 50 times, and the use cost is low, energy saving and environmental protection. Leftovers and used HOLLOW PLASTIC FORMWORK can all be recycled, zero waste discharge.