Why ACEALL Plywood?

Strong Glue Bonding & Compact Core Structure

Our plenty of glue and pressure bring strong glue bonding & compact core structure which make our plywood products more conducive to your quality sales and their perfect usage performance.

Short Lead Time

Our high daily output and full control over the production process allow us to fulfill your bulk order within a shorter lead time.

Flexible Customization

Except for the standard shapes & sizes, we also provide a OEM service(special sizes, custom logos, special packaging, and more) for the production of your custom plywood.

Melamine Laminated Wood Board


Blockboard (or Laminboard) is classified as a plywood due to it’s construction of at least 3 veneers (face, core & back). However, it differs from plywood as it’s core is comprised of strips of solid timber or veneer laid on edge which is bonded and then faced with veneers on each side.

The result is a lightweight core which is faced with a flat face or back which can be painted or further enhanced for decorative purposes.


Furniture(Wardrobe Doors, Doors), Joinery, Partition Walls, Veneering, etc.


BS EN 635 - Plywood classification by surface appearance

BS EN 636 - Plywood specification

BS EN 13986 - Wood-based panel products for use in construction


1. Poor conductor of Sound, Heat, Electricity

2. Blockboards are stable, light and easy to cut.

3. It has good dimensional stability so is highly resistive to wrapping and cracking.

4. It is light in weight than plywood due to its softwood which extend life span of furniture.

5. Compare to another competitive material life span of Blockboard is more than plywood.


Product Name ACEALL Melamine Laminated Wood Board
Size 1220x2440mm, etc.
Thickness Mainly 15mm, 16mm, 17mm
Face/Back Melamine paper(Solid color, wood grain pattern, stone texture, reticulate texture, etc.)
Core Finger Joint Core, Pillar Core, Poplar Core, Pine Core, Paulownia Core, Melaka Core
Glue Melamine Glue
Moisture Content Below 10%
Formaldehyde Emission E1
MOQ 50 - 60CBM
Package Bulk loading, Packed by carton, Packed by veneer
Protective Film Without, One-side, Double-sides
Delivery Time Usually within 5 days
Price Term FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.
Payment Term T/T, L/C, etc.